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Road To Credit Prosperity Webinar Series

In this webinar series, we will cover an interactive approach discussing everything that you need to know about credit. Once you have finished this series you will be well on your way to joining the illustrious 800+ Credit Score Club!

As a Bonus, you will receive a FREE One Hour Coaching Session with a Financial Coach to help you develop a individualized strategic plan for improving your credit.

Price for Full Series: $299

Limited Time Sale Price: $249

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Money Management: An Introduction To Credit

Creating a budget and sticking to it can have both indirect and direct positive impacts on your credit.

This workshop will cover:

Budgeting In Relation to Credit


Tips to Avoid Overspending

Managing Your Money


Date: TBD

Time: TBD

What is Credit & How To Establish It

When it comes to credit there are a lot of concepts that you need to know in order to become fully knowledgeable. Everyone has a starting point and credit isn’t typically taught in school. If you are just getting started on learning about credit, this workshop is for you. If you are someone who has a basic knowledge of credit, this workshop will help you to better understand what you do know as well as expand your knowledge base.

This workshop will cover:

Credit Terminology

How Credit Works

Different Types of Credit

How to Establish Credit

How to Avoid Credit Traps

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Building & Managing Your Credit

Establishing credit is only the first step to building a credit history & increasing your credit score.

This workshop will cover:

How to Build Your Credit Score

Ways to Manage and Leverage Your Good Credit

Business Credit

Financing vs Leasing Vehicles

Home Buying

How to Protect Your Identity

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Repairing & Rebuilding Your Credit

With the general population not knowing how to properly build credit until it is too late, most of us have to repair and rebuild to get a perfect credit score. This workshop will discuss how to do that.

This workshop will cover:

Debt Terminology

Types of delinquencies

How to Repair Your Credit

Debt Settlement

Disputing Debts

Laws and Protection Rights

Proven Methods for Quickly Rebuilding Your Credit

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Day 5: Taking Charge of Your Credit

Throughout this series we will have covered a full comprehensive hands on course on credit.

Once you finish these workshops, you will have a broad knowledge of how to:

Maximize Your Budgeting and Money Management Skills

Establish or Expand Your Overall Knowledge on Credit

Build Your Credit Score

Manage and Leverage Your Good Credit

Successfully Repair Your Credit

Quickly Rebuild Your Credit

In this final workshop we will put it all together and work directly with you by providing you with a full review of your individual credit report and a complete plan to get you into the illustrious 800+ Credit Score Club! Additionally, we will cover any timely changes to credit reporting that could have a direct impact in the near future. Make sure that you bring copies of your reports and are ready to set your individual plans in motion.

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

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