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Financial COunseling

If you are looking to set an individual appointment to cover any of your financial needs, then you are in the right place. You will be able to sit down and go over a financial plan that is aligned with your specific goals and receive advice and assistance to get you on the road to financial freedom or boost your consistency if you are already on the right path. Book an appointment with our resident Financial Coach & Certified Financial Health Counselor!


Most people don't have life insurance outside of work, if they do have any with their employer. It is important to have a self-owned policy just in case you decide to switch your employment or if you decide to go into business for yourself. The younger and more healthy you are, the lower the price for coverage. That is why our team is committed to not only helping families to get coverage but also to making sure that they are aware of the specific type of coverage that they receive.


Your home is your castle and may be the most valuable asset you own. The right insurance policy can provide protection for replacement cost of a destroyed or lost house, your personal property, as well as liability coverage in case someone's hurt during their visit with you!

Renters’ insurance goes far beyond just coverage on your personal property. If you rent, it's important to have the right type of protection for any damages that may occur during your tenancy- from wildfires to flooding here at home!

FRD Financial Suite can provide a referral for both options with a broker to make sure that your home, your family, and visitors are covered at an affordable price.


Driving without insurance can have negative implications that could lead to legal ramifications as well as expenses that could be damaging to your household's income. Additionally, the price of auto insurance fluctuates depending on various impacts and conditions. Our team at FRD Financial Suite, can provide a referral to a broker to make sure that you are receiving one of the best rates in the industry to cover your auto in the case of a direct or indirect accident.


If you are looking for assistance with legal matters. We have a referral that you could be connected with an experienced lawyer in a matter of hours at a very affordable cost. You can get legal advice on legal issues for you, your family, or your business directly through an app. There is also no hourly or retainer fees. So you can save time, money, and stress. Additionally, over the past few years, there has been an increase in the need for identity protection. Whichever one you are in the need for, we can help you get connected.

Security Systems

Whether you are away or at home, you can rest easy and feel secure with a smart home security system. You will be alerted if anything changes around the house. We can provide you with a referral for one of the top options in the market. There are rotating customer bonuses depending on the date of contract. Feel free to ask what the customer bonus is at time of contact.

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Financial Services

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