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If you're not sure what the first or next steps are, we have you covered! We’ve got the knowledge on hand for all your needs.

FRD Financial Suite was created with the working class in mind. We believe that knowledge is power. That is why we are committed to helping families to build generational wealth through providing financial education on concepts that we should have all been taught through formal education as well as providing financial services to all people no matter your socioeconomic status.

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What our customers say about us

Coach Mark assisted me in coming up with a plan to overcome my financial barriers and to navigate through the necessary steps to repair my credit. My credit increased over 100 points in less than a year and from this I was able to purchase a new home for my family! I highly recommend his advice to anybody looking to do the same!

J. Anderson

I had a great experience working with this Financial Coach. I am very excited to say that with his help, I finally feel like I am seeing the success that I have worked so hard to obtain. He made everything so simple and was always there to answer any questions I might have had during our time together!

B. Durham

Working with Coach Mark has helped to change my life. Not only has he taught me a lot about finances that I didn't know before but he also helped me to land a job that has allowed me to be able to provide for my family! I would recommend his services and assistance to anyone looking to better their life.

D. Flippins

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